Friendships and Alcohol

I find that a lot of my friends have started drinking (or have been for awhile) I don't personally drink, and I've been finding it harder to keep those friendships cuz it seems like that's all they ever want to do. I've been branching out and finding new friends but I don't want to lose my old friends, any suggestions?

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I've gone through this exact same thing as well and i know it can be frustrating! I think that most people go through a phase like this where all they want to do is drink and party and it can be hard if you've already past that phase or aren't there yet or are just 100% not interested. My suggestions would be to talk to them about it and/or branch out and hangout with some new friends for awhile whilst staying in touch with your old friends. Who knows, maybe they'll grow out of it!

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I have also gone through this experience with a couple of my friends recently. Sometimes it seems like there is no hope at saving your friendship with someone, but if you really want to stay friends with this person, everything will turn out ok with effort. Try talking to them about how you feel about your friendship with them. Also making new friends is always a good idea because you can never have too many! And remember, even if you are different from each other you can still be friends.

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find some new friends but hang out with your old friends when your at school or work when they have to be sober and they cant do any harm to you or them selves people are very unpredictable when drunk

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I have experiences like this (albeit with a friend and drugs), so I'd just say to keep in touch. If it's just a phase, hopefully they'll come out of it and you can actively interact with them again. If they don't, then unfortunately alcohol will ruin their life, and you should be there for them and help them quit.

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Alcohol almost ruined my friends life, she was in and out of the hospital. The best thing to do is be there for them but don't put yourself at risk. Find new friends, give it time.

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A friend of mines mom died over the summer. She turned for Alchohol and Drugs for coping. After a few weeks of her struggling, I talked to a teacher about it. She got help from a counselor and is fine now. I suggest you do something similar.

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hopefully your friends will stick by you even if you don't drink. when you hang out make it clear you aren't into doing that. hopefully they will respect your wishes and not push you to do anything you aren't comfortable with !!

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Alot of my friends drink aswell. I dont feel as if theres anything i can do to help but i do worry about them.

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maybe talk to your friends and express how your feeling towards your friendship, if you feel like you are loosing them. I have had a similar problem where i felt like i was loosing my old friends and once we had a good talk and remembered all the good times we have had together we made more of an effort to make time for each other.

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Eat pizza and ice cream and chocolate.