How to control your Anger?

Everyone has anger in them and sometimes its hard to control your Anger. I have troubles sometimes controlling my anger cause when your not happy it just comes out. If you can't control it and you feel the need to hit something or yell at someone Don't because there are ways to calm down. When I'm trying to calm down I take some time to myself and go for a walk, or I talk to someone to figure out how i'm feeling. I don't always know how to calm myself down. Does anyone else have troubles calming down?

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I find it really hard to control my anger when someone hits a soft spot with me. What helps me is to close my eyes, and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth a few times. After that i feel more calm and i can respond without blowing up on the person.

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its hard to control anger if i'm really angry i go on a run and let out all my steam

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When I'm angry, I just try to breathe slowly and in a controlled manner. I also tend to break LEGO sets. But don't go and break your 42 000 piece Death Star. Something small and rebuildable, maybe one of those exploding cars. A stress ball helps as well, or a tennis ball (not very squishable, but it works the same)

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I find when I get angry, I like to draw. Just draw your frustrations out.

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I find that one of the best ways to release anger is working out. It also helps me to just listen to music or write down what I'm feeling

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Taking time for yourself is great (and sometimes just ranting off to your friend is a good way to get things off your chest.) One thing I find is really satisfying is just venting out that anger and energy by ripping paper to shreds or anything to take out that energy (just be aware your surroundings if there's something breakable!) I feel like just screaming to the top of your lungs is quite exhilarating (maybe in a tub or pool?)

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sometimes if you feel like you can't talk to anyone and you are angry and or upset about something just write out what you are feeling , doesn't have to be perfect and then crumple it up and throw it out. I find it gets out my anger a lot easier than taking it out on others

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Take a long deep breath and sing the alphabet song very slowly

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exercise is a great way to release anger!

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I break spaghetti noodles when I'm angry or I use one of those squishy ball things!!

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I put headphones on and blast music. If I had I fight with someone or am angry this always helps me. After 10 minutes I feel calm again. Running is another great way to deal with it.

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A good way to deal with anger is to do exercise, even going for a walk can help release frustrations.