What is Anger (baby don't hurt me...)

I was going to write this on anger management, but I've decided to do this instead. This is open to debate in the comments, so feel free to debate this :)

I have had personal experiences with extreme anger and hatred. Until just a few months ago, I would get riled up at the mere thought of some people. But what really is anger? Most people would answer "An intense feeling of hatred," or "Well... I don't know, it's like when you shout a lot and scrunch up your face." Firstly, Where does anger come from? Usually people, or things. When something doesn't go your way, you'll feel upset or ANGRY. If someone is shouting at you, or is doing something you really don't like, ANGER surfaces. But anger isself stems from conflict. Whether it's something petty, like a 6 year old cutting in line, to all out war, people will get angry. It's in our nature. Anger is an emotion, that burns with an intensity close to love. But anger is harsh, dangerous. The animal in all of us. It clouds the ability to think rationally, but gives us a strength as well. Love, which is peaceful and caring can also do such things. It clouds our better judgement to save what or whoever we love. It grants us strength in times of need. Both provide a burning determination. So, in a way, anger is like a harsher version of love. Or perhaps, just another side to love. The defense of things you love.

Anger can also be an effect of depression. The self loathing generated from constant bullying causes a retreat into thyself. Building walls around the core of their being. Learning to hide their emotions, their pain. Until they can't take it anymore, and begin to crumble. Their life spirals into darkness, and death is their only retreat.

I guess what I'm saying is there are multiple kinds of anger. Righteous anger, which grants strength to protect or avenge, and Self anger, which saps the strength of your soul.

Wow that got depressing.... Maybe I should pop over to the depression forum ;)

Now, I open the question to you, as this is all from my own experiences and knowledge. What do you know about anger, and how do you interpret it? What is anger, to you?

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I find that when i get really angry i take a deep breath and think about what would happen if i exploded with anger there and then and how bad it would be. i mostly just think about how it wouldnt be worth it getting in a fight or yelling back at my parents. Its the ugly truth in my oppinion. sometimes you just gotta keep all your anger inside you.

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Anger to me is like a fire that is getting bigger, if you feed it to much it will grow but if you keep it under control it will be fine

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(Mostly for dealing with arguments)
I find that physically (if possible) and mentally removing myself from whatever situation is making me angry and reevaluating is really helpful. Self-reflection is hard to master but figuring out why and what made you upset is really useful to known for the future. I can usually find outlets to release my anger (for me its usually exercise---endorphins are great) and I like to ask myself how I would benefit from getting angry. I also (as hard as this can be) try to put myself in the position of the opposing side to try and understand their thought process and why they acted the way they did. I found this really relevant quote that says "Raise your argument, not your voice" which really resonates with me because I find that people often get swept up in the heat of the moment and end up just getting more and more furious. Practicing the self control to take a step back is hard to do, but very valuable. Something that has really helped me when I sense an argument beginning (usually a result of clashing opinions or miscommunication) is thinking to myself (and this may seem very self-centered, but it works for me) that I have the opportunity to remain the bigger person and yelling back would just make me sink to their level.

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Anger to me is if you keep building your self up with bad thoughts it will all come out, so I find that talking to someone and sharing your feelings is a good thing to do.

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When dealing with anger, it helps me to take a deep breath and step back to really look at the situation. Ask yourself if it's really worth getting angry about. Try to find a way to express your anger, like writing what you are angry about in a journal. You can also find a way to burn off some steam that your anger might have created. Going for a run usually helps me.