Sharing advice for dealing with anxiety

Everyone has experienced the feeling of anxiety at least once in their life. It can be because of homework, an audition for the school musical, family problems and much more. Personally, I experience anxiety when I am stressed out. I get nervous and worked up. I make myself think that I won't get what I need to do done in time.
I notice that often my friends get anxiety because of an upcoming test that they are stressing over. These are some examples of pretty minor anxiety, but of course I know that a lot of people can have major anxiety attacks. I have never experience one, nor have I seen one happen. Big or small, anxiety in teenagers is a big issue that is worth talking about. I have learned a lot from my experiences with anxiety on how to deal with it when it occurs. I want to share with you some advice on how to cope with minor anxiety. Please feel free to add any coping methods that might help others deal with anxiety. It is very important that we show others that there are ways of dealing with your anxiety :)

- try to stay positive (telling yourself that it's going to be ok or mentally going to your happy place,for example)
- take deep breaths when you find yourself feeling anxious, it will help to calm you down.
- reach out to a family member, friend, teacher or counsellor that you trust and talk your anxiety through with them. It might help to relieve your stress.
- do something to take your mind off of your anxiety. Exercising or listening to music always helps me. Do anything that makes you happy and that you enjoy.
- reach out to a website or forum (like this one)
- try not to overthink things. This will just make you more anxious and worked up. Also, try not to think about negative "what ifs?" and all the things that could go wrong. (ie. What if I fail my chemistry test?). Instead, try to think about the positive "what ifs?" and all the things that could go right (ie. What if I ace my chemistry tes?).
- get some fresh air. This always helps me to clear my head and to calm down a little bit. Try going for a walk or even just sitting on your porch for a couple of minutes.
- laughter is the best medicine for anything. Hang out with a friend or family member that makes you laugh. They will get your mind off of things and help to lighten your thoughts and overall mood.

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This is really helpful thank you!
I also find that just focusing on little mundane tasks really helps calm my mind and keeps it from spiraling into the future or past. taking things step by step when I am feeling overwhelmed and focusing on the now really helps me.