Hello all, I am going to ask a question.

What is the best way you deal with bullying?

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Simply don't give them what you want. It's probably been told a thousand times, and it will be told a thousand times again. Stand up to them. Don't shout or scream, don't break down. If they physically hurt you, go to the police, as physical harm is known as assault and is illegal in most 1st world countries. Talk among your friends, or other people who are being bullied. Don't be afraid to communicate.

Me personally, I used to get angry, and (literally) throw chairs. Needless to say, the teachers labelled me as the culprit, and I was the one who got in trouble. Nowadays, I would explain the situation to a teacher, as I feel more secure in them. But that may not always be the best option.

What I'm saying is this: Don't lose your cool, don't be afraid to tell others, but when the bully is "defeated" don't become a bully yourself.
(That last bit I tagged on. I am super awkward at ending things.)

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Oh man that's a broad question isn't it?

Bullying comes in many different shapes. Some bullying isore dangerous than others but all types are harmful.

Sometimes things can be worked out by talking to the bully, if they're willing. Often that's not the case however. Sometimes ignoring it really does work but that option is only viable if it seems like the bully has any intention of stopping- again, not always the case.

Mostly, I would say- and my opinion may not hold much weight as I haven't mu ch experience with bullies- make sure you have a support system. A friend, a family member, a counsellor. Hell, even a police person. Don't be afraid to make things serious. Don't be afraid to "squeal". This is YOUR happiness, YOUR safety, YOUR life. You need to do what is necessary to protect yourself. So if d someone who can help. Someone who will understand that, whether it's name calling in the hallway or online psychological torment, the situation is serious and should be tested as such.

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In my opinion i would go talk to a friend or an adult that can comfort you and help you.

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I think the best way to deal with bullying is to reach out to a friend or family for support. If you talk about it to them, chances are, they will try to help you to resolve the problems you are having with this bully and will help you feel better about the situation. People who are being bullied should know that they are not alone. There are so many people being bullied in today's society, way too many than there should be. So try to stay strong because it will get better.

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i found the best way to deal with it is to not keep quiet. it wont go away if you just ignore it. you have to remember that you dont deserve what they are doing to you. Definitely speak up, talk to a trusted teacher, a counsellor, your parents basically anyone that is able to help you.

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Just try your best to ignore them and talk to someone because eventually they will loose interest if you don't react.

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I think that it depends on the situation, but, reaching out to an adult/friend, ignoring the bully, or talking to the bully are usually the three best ways.