how to help my friend in need?

what should I do if my friend is having troubles with bullies at her school? We don't go to the same school so I cant help her during the day but I want to know how I can make her feel better. Any ideas?

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I don't know the extent to which your friend is being bullied, but if its little petty things (purposefully bumping into her in the hallway, spreading nasty rumors, etc) confronting them might be the best option. Having your friend literally walk up to them and ask "why are you doing this? you are being rude you are making me upset why?" this may cause them to backpedal very fast and back off. If it's more extreme (physically hurting them, destroying their property, etc) contacting the authorities may be for the best. If it's extreme enough the bullies could be criminally charged. Without knowing other details this is the best I could offer!

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Confront the bullies with her so she doesn't feel alone and ask them why they are doing such mean things, if that doesn't work tell a teacher before it gets worse!

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I'd tell a teacher and get their help.

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I know it might be hard for your friend, but tell them to go to a councillor and get some help.

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like the advice above, it is definitely critical for you to reach out to her/with her because she should know that its not okay for people to bully. i'd definitely talk to an adult whether its with her or not, but just be careful with how you approach it and good luck!

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I agree with the advice above, it is important that either you (if your friend is okay with it) or your friend finds some authority figure to consult so they can help your friend. Bully's suck and can make the "victim" feel so alone, make sure you are supportive of your friend and make time to talk or be with her.

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Tell their parents or teachers, before it gets worse. Other than that all you can really do is stand up for them and be by their side.

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U need to aprouch them and talk to them and then tell others