When I was in grade 6, I was being bullied pretty bad. Progressively I would feel more tired, day by day. I would feel like I didn't want to do anything at all, I wouldn't want to go to school, I wouldn't want to get out of bed sometimes. At first I didn't know what was wrong with me, I thought I was a freak, or an outcast. I kept trying to pretend nothing was wrong, I would put a smile on my face and be totally fake to everyone. I know now that I shouldn't have done that. I should have talked to someone as soon as I knew something was wrong. but I decided to keep to myself. and I shouldn't have done that. I should have told someone, talked about it more.

its not a question, but i would like to know what advice you guys would have for anyone going through this now.

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push the haters away! first try to ignore them, if that doesn't help seek help! teachers, parents or even a close friend are always there for you don't be afraid to ask someone!

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Don't put on a persona. If you're feeling like shit, talk to someone about it.

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First acknowledge that you are feeling depressed and then talk to someone. If you keep it bottled up in your own mind it will snowball until it becomes much much worse.

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Just know that no matter what it will always get better, and take joy in small joyful events helps me sometimes to

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Maybe talk to a school counselor or trusted teacher about your troubles, and always remember that it gets better.

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Depression is definitely hard, and it's not because of you. Mostly people who are bullies are just jealous of you, but don't really know how to process it. We all have our little imperfections but those are what make us unique. It's never how we look, act, the friends we have its about how we carry ourselves. Only recently I've learned that if you surround yourself with good friends, all the haters/doubters and who ever else, they disappear completely

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as someone who has been dealing with mental illness and severe clinical depression for most of my life, it is best to reach out. i know its going to be awkward and mildly uncomfortable but its better to let people know how you are truly feeling because they can help you and let you know that you are not alone. school counsellors and teachers are often a trusty worthy adult to talk to, if not try a sibling or friend (im nlt going to say parent as a first choice because well, im not that close with mine so its just personal to me) buy honestly, there is nothing to be ashamed of at all. millions of people deal with this everyday, so you are definitely not alone

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This is a tough one, as every case is going to be unique and every person will have their own limits. Someone who has gone through this themselves is in as good a position as any to give advice, but all I can say from an outsider's perspective is seek help. Your friends and family really care about you but they often can't tell how hard of a time you're having and opening up to them will make everyone feel more comfortable. As alleykat234 said, you're definitely not alone and if you're not yet ready to open up to your family and friends there are lots of online help sites (like this one :) where you can share and get help and solidarity anonymously.

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Like many people are saying, go get help. I have had depression for a while now and talking to someone really helps. They will keep your information confidential and you will feel much better afterward.

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Open up to someone that you can trust and just talk about your problems to them, trust me it'll make things a lot more manageable