I can't get out of this slump

I'm depressed and I can't get out of it. I take meds and I go and do really fun things with friends to try and lighten up and it really doesn't help. Like, I'll go out and have a fun time, doing something really silly or whatever and I'll be happy, but then whenever we stop, I just slump back into my unhappiness. I sleep a lot. Does anyone know what else I can do? People like me don't get depressed. I have a really great life and family and friends but..... Anyone help?

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Don't think "people like me don't get depressed". You'd be surprised how often people with a good life and family and friends are depressed. The only thing I can suggest is super healthy diet. I always notice I'm more depressed when I'm eating a lot of sugar or junk food (which I crave). If I get off it, or only eat sugar/junk on Saturdays, I always notice I'm feeling happier. No crash!

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try and eat healthier or go only daily walks. it may seem like a pain but activity does help and force endorphins Into your body. also find some thing you love. something that makes you happy and do more of it. I like to write out my feelings in a book and then when the book is full. throw it out. it's like you are throwing out your pain. it really helps ! try it sometime. I really hope you break this funk(:

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Anyone can get depressed, it doesn't matter how wonderful your life is or how blessed you are, it can happen to anyone not matter the circumstances. Going out with friends is a good idea, even though it may seem like it doesn't help and you hate it the whole time, in the long run you will be glad you didn't cut all your friendships off. Although medication is a good step, you also may need to be talking to someone at least once a week in combination with medication. Depression is extremely hard to overcome but take it day by day and try not to be hard on yourself, this is how you are feeling right now and there is nothing wrong with that, it is in no way your fault. Even though all you are wanting to do is stay in bed and sleep (and it may seem like it helps) you need to try and focus on an outlet and try to get out of bed. Exercising each day (eg going for a small walk or going to the gym if you can manage) will help raise your endorphin levels, therefore making you feel happier and energized. Also, eating well and staying away from processed and fatty/unhealthy foods will have a large impact on how you are feeling. Eating well will cause you to feel good. Maybe try invest yourself in an activity or hobby you love; art, sport/exercising, musical instruments. If you don't have an activity/hobby you enjoy you could try and push yourself to branch out and explore some options, there are hundreds. I hope this helps, and this is only temporary, you will not feel like this forever but for now just accept it.