I'm not sure if I am depressed

I have horrible anxiety. I've had it since I was about five years old. My anxiety has gotten worse recently and I find myself isolated and crying very often. Sometimes I cry about ridiculous things. A few days ago I slipped on the stairs. It didn't hurt, but I hated the thought of someone worrying about me in that moment and all of a sudden, I found myself crying because people were worried. Some days I feel unmotivated like I want to just sleep the day (or next few weeks) away. Some days I feel fine. Am I depressed? I don't think it's quite that bad yet, but some people around me think it is.

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I have been in a similar situation and what I've come to realize is that being diagnosed with depression will not make a difference in terms of your happiness. Whether you are depressed or not, it sounds like you aren't feeling well. If you are really feeling unhappy or even having thoughts that you're depressed, talk to someone about it. Talk to your mom, dad, sister, brother, teacher, or really anyone that you trust! You could also make an appointment with a counsellor. I think that it is important that you take hold of your unhappiness and do something about it! Don't let something that you don't think is quite bad yet turn into something that is bad!

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Thank you. I have been feeling unhappy for quite a while and I have talked to my Mama about it. I have been to the Counselor once. She was very short and not at all intimidating, but all I could do was cry while I tried to tell her how I was feeling. I think that that is mainly because of my anxiety though. I have this feeling that I need everyone to be happy before I am happy, but that makes some (like my parents) unhappy that I am not happy and it becomes this never ending cycle. My parents struggle with depression too and my doctor has said that these things can be passed through genetics. I'm still not sure what the root of my problem is, but I am trying to get better.

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I have experienced this as well and I thought it would be best to keep it to myself and avoid help. I proved myself wrong. getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself. we other it's a parent, friend or teacher it really helps and they can try and give you advice. if it's needed you can also make appt. with your doctors. I found that really helped me as well to have a conclusion and not constantly wondering. I hope it all works out. !!