Drugs in my life and school

What can I say drugs just seem to come up time and time again while I'm in school and during my life actually the latter hasn't happened in a while but the former is just day to day really so ill talk about that first. Let's see where do I start, weeds a big thing nowadays I mean if we're talking just my school its kind of the only thing that's really prominent with people at my school no real crackheads or anything like that just pot really. I mean not to say there isn't any other drugs because there is its just not as talked about as pot. I did go to party one time and there was some crack and cocaine along with weed but that's really the only time that I have seen people from my school use other drugs. In case your wondering at this point no I have not done any drugs surprisingly peer pressure has not effected me but that is because of the latter yes that's right my life with drugs. If your hoping for a heartbreaking tale about someone I knew and loved who lost themselves to addiction I'm not sorry to say I have nothing of that sort instead I will merely tell you my encounters with drugs throughout my life. You see where I use to live there was a drug dealer around every corner I knew a guy actually who was a dealer he sold many different kinds of drugs. That's just the way it was and I accepted it I also saw a lot of messed up stuff of people I didn't know but could tell that they had gone to far to come back whose lives were just ruined and that's why peer pressure never really worked on me because anytime I was offered drugs I just thought of them and could never do drugs cause of it.Anyway there's not really much else I can think of at the moment so I guess I could just cut it short and end with a question. How has drugs effected your life?

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My friend has dealt with drugs and depression. I've kept in touch with him through facebook, so I know he's trying to quit weed, but still gets high of of heroin. He was always slightly unstable, but now I feel unsafe when me or my friends are around him. You're not alone when you have experiences with drugs. I think everyone at some point or another will encounter these substances in one way or another, though you might not take them.

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I had a friend he was addicted to marijauna cigarrets and he said that when he told his family he was gay, he was under a lot of pressure and he said his family hated him and the only way to releave his anxiety was so smoke marijuana. so i believe that you shouldn't do drugs as they can result in bad things

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Know the risks. That's why I haven't tried drugs yet. I will intend to smoke pot at some point, but I'd like to research more about it so I can make sure I'm as safe as possible when I do use it. Know what chemicals are in the substance and why they affect to and how. Research side effects. Talk to people. No drug is risk free so know what you're getting into. Be cautious.

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Despite what a lot of people say, it is possible to live a normal life with drugs. That said, you need to be in complete control, otherwise they'll start affecting other areas of your life. Regular usage is far more likely to get out of control than occasional "recreational" use. But like those above me said, know the risks, do your research and have fun.

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I've never personally used drugs, but I had two friends who started smoking marijuana. Don't ignore the rumors that it's a gateway drug; They started using harder drugs, one of them started dealing and has since dropped out of school. I regret not being there for them and stopping them from going in too deep. That being said, recreational usage isn't a guaranteed one way trip to nothing. I've got adult friends who have been smoking marijuana for 20+ years and are still working regular jobs, living happily with families, etc but it's like everyone else has said, you need to know what you're getting into and be in control. I would personally never recommend going beyond marijuana. The harder drugs have much more serious consequences than pot.