I feel pressured. From seeing people smoking on the streets, to my best friend telling me about the amazing `trip` she had last night. It`s so hard to not try. especially when it`s offered to you mostly everywhere you go. It`s becoming a normal thing for teens to be drunk and high at SCHOOL. Yes, school. I just want to go on hikes and experience my teenage years sober. Is that too much to ask for?

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Just keep saying no, it will help you in the long term

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There's not a lot to do about random people in public doing it but if your friends are then try talking to them about it and how it's a bad influence in their life and hopefully they'll listen.

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Just remember what you value is important, if your friends are trying things that you dont agree with, you dont have to do it as well. If you know your friends are doing drugs or smoking then maybe try talking to them about it and explain how its bad for their health etc. Sticking to what you value and saying no will be the best choice for you and your future.