Ugh oh parents are killing me!!!! Their too concerned with what I'm doing and I just want them to back off!

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Although I think everyone can relate to this feeling, it's important to take a step back and realize that whatever your parents are doing is out of love and that they really do care about you. A parent's interest in their kid is almost always going to be genuine. They're either honestly interested in how your day was, what you're doing at school and who you're hanging out with or they're asking about your life because they feel that if you opened up to them there's something they could do to help. Teenagers are notorious for having tense relationships with their parents. The best thing to do is to understand why your parents are so nosy (do they not trust you/think you're doing something wrong or do they really want to know all about your life) and deal with it accordingly. You may have to take a few steps back and rebuild a trusting relationship. As cheesy as it sound, calmly talking it out really does help. Alternatively, you might just have to compromise and talk to them about your day but (respectfully) make it clear how much their prodding annoys you. In the end, know that you're not alone in your frustration, your friends and classmates are all going through the same thing, and that taking a deep breath is often the best thing you can do.

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communication between you and your parents is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you think they're being too nosy, voice these concerns, and hopefully they'll let you know why they're getting involved

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They are only doing that because they love you. It took me years to get my mom to back off. Communication between you and your parents is so important. They are the people that'll always be there for you no matter what

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I can relate to this but when you put yourself in their position they are looking out for you in their eyes despite how it may come off just have a serious conversation with them and hopefully they will hold off a bit.

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You may see it as nosy but your parents just want to be part of your life! They are generally interested in how you are doing because they love you! I think that it's important to put yourself I their shoes and realize how hard it would be to see their child growing up and trying to push them away! Just remember that you're parents are your friends and they are only trying to do what's best for you! Communicate with them

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