Recently I've noticed that I don't exactly feel comfortable in my biological sex (female.) But I don't fully identify as a transgender. Is there a name for what I'm identifying as?

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You could be a demi-girl, bi-gender, agender, genderfluid, or something like that.

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you could be non binary/agender (which is neither male nor female) genderfluid (sometimes 1 gender, sometimes another, sometime both, sometimes neither. It depends person to person) demi girl (mostly female but not entirely) bigender (both genders at once) I myself am genderfluid, and the majority of the time I identify as female but sometimes I am non binary. genderfluid really varies a lot between people

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agender or genderfluid are the terms my friends go by, that don't want to identify as trans:)

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yes gender fluid is when you can basically change your mind about what you want to identify as