School Organization

Do anyone else get really disorganized with their schoolwork? I find whenever I get really disorganized my grades drop. Does anyone have any tips to help me stay organized?

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I'm a pretty disorganized person as well, so to make sure I don't get lost in my work and stuff to do I keep a To-do list on my phone. This way when there's something I need to remember I can just check my phone. In terms of being organized with physical sheets and papers, a binder with labeled sections goes a long way.

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I am very forgetful and that leads me to becoming disorganized. I find that if I constantly leave myself reminders about school work, whether it's on my phone or just around the house, it helps quite a bit.

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I find it's helpful if you leave notes/ reminders of your phone or carry around a not a journal but a book of stuff that you need to be reminded of

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I find it helpful to always carry a diary around, this way you can always jot down things you need to remember e.g: assignment hand in dates and sport practices etc.

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I find it helpful to have a diary and use color when taking notes. Using color makes things pop out and makes organizing things a lot more fun to do. Using a diary, i find is an easy quick way to help keep things all in one place also using similar color codes in this is also a great way to keep everything all organized.