Things to consider before sex

So what are some things that you guys think should be taken into consideration before sex. Obvious things like protection come to mind but what are some other things to think about before getting busy?

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Make sure your partner is comfortable with having sex with you before everything really starts. They may seem into it at first, but they may really realize what is happening and get uncomfortable but feel pressured to stay. Stay perceptive to their reactions. If they seem uncomfortable, ask. If they want to stop, stop. If you get uncomfortable, don't be afraid to let your partner know you'd like to stop. Sex is all about consent and having a good time, Make sure all parties involved (including yourself) are doing good.

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I think planning ahead is the best thing, even though lots of people want to be swept off their feet. If you just suddenly do it it could be awkward, no condom, somebody's impaired. Talk about it, decide if and when, make sure you won't be interrupted. Go slow. Laughing is good.

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An important thing is consent from both parties and do it when you feel ready. You shouldn't do if you feel obligated or slightly pressured to. It's also important that both people are on the same page and know you're boundaries.

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Make sure you're both ready. Don't do something you'll regret. If you're doing it for prestige (eg a dare or something) then you should make sure that's not the only reason.

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for me, things to consider are, consent, protection, do we both feel mature enough mentally & physically and also a plan for just incase something slips up and someone gets pregnant (ie would you be okay with an aborton, would you keep the child, that sort of thing) also that you feel safe with the person and that its your choice to partake in this activity bec ause your virginity is something you cant take back once it is lost.
(are you giving them your virginity or are they taking it)

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Consent from both parties is soo important! also creating a really open relationship with whoever you are with is key so you can have constant communication with them before, during and after the actual act so one person isn't left feeling alone/hurt or confused.